RaeAir is a broadcast systems company that is recognised internationally for providing advanced innovation and technical solutions within the broadcasting, satellite and telecommunications industries.

RaeAir’s expertise has been built through its founders, who are established pioneers and innovators in the industry, offering considerable knowledge and expertise with extensive broadcast engineering experience.

This expertise extends throughout the products, services and technical solutions we provide across radio, television, cinema and satellite systems.

Our system specialists have successfully engineered, designed, supplied, installed and commissioned 100+ major projects throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Our proven capability include digital DAB, AM/FM Radio and TV transmitters, antenna system design, satellite and microwave systems, high power amplifiers, waveguide system design; project management and maintenance contracts, to name but a few.

Trust the experience and credibility of RaeAir to provide your company with a best-fit solution to your requirements.


Unmatched Expertise.

Our people are the heart and soul of RaeAir. What makes RaeAir unique is our depth of knowledge and expertise. The RaeAir directors and staff are known personally throughout the broadcasting industry, and have many decades of experience.

Absolute Solutions.

At RaeAir, our capable team pride themselves on their ability to interpret the problem and determine the requirements of the client. Not only can we provide the requested solution, our team will always offer innovative and thoughtfully considered, forward-thinking alternatives. In many cases this has delivered significant savings, without compromising the quality of the equipment provided.

Clever Cost-Savings.

Our excellent ongoing supplier relationships have continued to build over the years, and allow us to pass exclusive cost-savings on to our clients. RaeAir’s flexibility in both staffing and overheads enhances RaeAir’s savings to you, our customers.


RaeAir Broadcast Systems Pty Ltd has been launched with the purpose of expanding our industry presence. Accompanied with fresh faces within the company, RaeAir is developing the relationships that already exist between the older team members within our company and our clients’ organisations.

Our Services


RaeAir offers tunnel radio re-broadcast equipment and complete turnkey systems for AM, FM & DAB together with digital two-way radio for emergency services, (e.g. Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and emergency recovery vehicles) as well as coverage for GSM (cellular) mobile telephones.


The range of equipment and services that are available include design, link budgets and assistance with licencing, supply of equipment, installation, test and commissioning of digital microwaves links for Radio (STLs), Television and Data.


A complete range of equipment and services is available at RaeAir, including supply of studio systems, fibre, microwave and distribution systems, transmitters, antenna systems and the design and implementation of turnkey systems.


RaeAir offers a complete range of equipment and services including AM, FM and DAB transmission systems including transmitters, antenna systems, digital multiplex & encoding equipment, studio radio mixing consoles and transmission systems for fibre and radio satellite distribution networks.


RaeAir has complete end-to-end solutions, including specialised equipment for Satellite Networks. Our team has the proven expertise in the system design including path analysis to determine satellite antenna sizes and uplink power amplifier requirements, as well as determining the best modulation to achieve optimum use of the satellite space segment, still ensuring that the overall system performance is achieved with the best economical solution. RaeAir offers complete turnkey solutions for the distribution of Radio, Television and Data.


With the introduction of Digital Cinemas, RaeAir has complete end-to-end solutions including specialised equipment for Satellite Networks, for both the streaming of Live Events and for the delivery of movies (files) IP encrypted over satellite. Our partner International Datacasting Corp. (IDC) has a full range of equipment utilised worldwide. IDC has a range of Integrated Satellite Receivers (IRDs) with built-in 3d and HDSDI & HDMI capabilities. RaeAir also has a range of IRDs from WellAV that are ideal for installation, where price is a key consideration.


RaeAir as a systems integrator specialises in Radio and Television Broadcasting, Digital Cinema and Satellite distribution and point-to-point systems, including the following services:

  • Conceptual and practical Systems Design
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Supply of equipment and components
  • Implementation and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance Services
  • Documentation and Training

Engineering Services – Radio

RaeAir is pleased to offer a range of professional engineering services by fully qualified, experienced and trained engineers. Our services are currently available in the Sydney and Brisbane metropolitan markets and selected regional areas in NSW and QLD.

These services can be provided either through a number of service level agreement (SLA) options or simply on an ad-hoc basis.

Our services include:

  • General maintenance and repairs of Studios, Audio Systems, Outside Broadcast Equipment, Master Control Room Equipment, Production Studios.
  • General maintenance and repairs of Transmitters, Control Systems, Studio-Transmitter Link, Antenna Coupling Units, Auxiliary Power Systems, Towers, Test and Site Logging.


ABC News | SNG System Rebuild

RaeAir undertook the refurbishment of an ageing satellite SNG system for ABC News when the original power amplifier failed. The system had always lacked the power to operate from many locations in Australia. RaeAir re-engineered the system and supplied a new higher power SSPA making the system capable of operating anywhere on the Australian continent without difficulty.


RaeAir was awarded a contract to provide high power digital adaptive on channel DAB+ RF Repeaters to operate in the 5 capital cities with DAB transmissions. The fully redundant systems are installed at communications sites giving vastly improved ‘in-building’ penetration of DAB+ signals in the CBD areas and “In-fill” Into blackspots around the various cities.

RaeAir has supplied fifteen (15)1KW systems installed and continues to manufacture and supply systems to the industry.

RaeAir’s unique design allows each system to be contained in a single rack mostly due to the elimination of multiple high power amplifiers and combining filters as are normally used in competitive systems.

The RF Repeater is capable of operating at 900 watts digital power and raises the signal levels of the multiple DAB+ ensembles in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and within the CBD’s and adjacent shadowed areas.


RaeAir designed and developed a translator capable of receiving and translating all 61 services on the 3 Sydney DAB+ ensembles to streamed MP3 form, for use in hospitals on their patient IP distribution networks.

Unique from other translators globally, this unit is also available in a version that performs similar functions with AM and FM radio sources.



Super Radio Network (SRN)


Major Commercial Radio Operator in Australia – 36 AM & FM Radio Stations; 45 translators and 5 Sydney DAB+ Radio Stations.


Replacement and expansion of their Satellite Radio Distribution Network to meet the existing and future demands of their Radio Network across Australia.

Technology Solution
  • Star-4 Pro Audio Receivers & head-end equipment
  • Net Manager
  • Event Manager
RaeAir Value Provided A solution that delivers the capacity and flexibility to allow for additional expansion into regional stations for more programs and other initiatives, allowing more efficient use of the satellite.



Fairfax Radio Syndication


Distribution of live audio to radio stations across Australia.


To serve a diverse group of broadcasters across Australia with complex program booking needs.

Technology Solution
  • Star-4 Pro Audio Receivers & head-end equipment
  • Net Manager
  • Event Manager
  • FlexRoute receiver and head-end equipment upgrade
  • International Datacasting Superflex Pro Audio receiver and head-end equipment
RaeAir Value Provided A solution investment that delivers flexibility and reliability, backed by strong engineering support.



RaeAir designs and manufactures tunnel re-broadcast systems for AM, FM, DAB+ broadcast, VHF and UHF radio, as well as Cellular and communications. Starting with the original design for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, we now supply equipment to Australia, Hong Kong and Switzerland. The tunnel systems generally utilise leaky feeder in the tunnel tubes and have “split” direction capability, allowing separate messages to each direction.


It was essential that the digital radio programs would be available to all the members of the Federal Government in Parliament House, Canberra. RaeAir supplied a digital adaptive on channel repeater system consisting of a DAB+ exciter and three 100 watt power amplifiers, feeding “Leaky Feeders” to various parts of Parliament House giving total access to the digital radio transmissions.


RaeAir designed and implemented systems to allow transmission of services on the VAST platform to their re-transmission sites of Red FM from Perth and the RadioTAB racing network. These channels feeding some hundreds of sites allow a simple and cost effective distribution system via the OPTUS satellites.


A lightning strike caused a coupling unit feed hut and matching network to burn to the ground at a regional directional AM MF station in NSW. RaeAir designed, supplied and installed a replacement matching network, and verified the correct pattern was realised from the 2 tower array.

Our Partners